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Winter/Spring Hanging Baskets

Posted on: November 27th, 2011 by Jon 3 Comments

Thought I would share some trade secrets on Win­ter hang­ing bas­kets with you today. Most peo­ple make up or buy Sum­mer Hang­ing Bas­kets in May and take them down in Octo­ber when they are spent. But this is only 6 month of the year. When you need extra colour is in the darker, older months when you need cheer­ing up!  Some peo­ple buy the bas­kets filed with Pan­sies with one or two flow­ers cling­ing on and have to wait until the end of March when they really start grow­ing and ful­full their poten­tial.  Those in the know plant a strong mix­ture of mini shrubs with win­ter flow­ers, berries or fol­liage that zings (usu­ally smaller spec­i­mens of the well known win­ter inter­est shrubs) mixed in with Ivy, forget-me-nots, mini conifers, helle­bores and early mini bulbs that come through in Jan-March. try Shrubs such as Vibur­num Tinus, Skim­mia Rubella, Heathers and  herba­ceous such as Helle­borus Niger,  Euphor­bia Mar­tinii and fol­liage shrubs such as Euony­mous For­tunei Emer­ald Gai­ety. Now you addd the Pan­sies and Vio­las to give extra colour…then stand back. The inter­est looks good imme­di­ately and yet in mid spring the bas­ket will come to life andd you will end up want­ing to keep it up until the end of May. Indeed this year I was in a quandry as to whether I should take them down at all! All those shrubs can then be plant­ing in con­tain­ers or directly into the bor­ders to grow on..