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Top 5 perennials everyone should plant!

Posted on: May 3rd, 2012 by Jon No Comments

With this blessed damp period, it is ideal time to plant peren­ni­als. The only ques­tion is which ones. hav­ing planted up many gar­dens in the last 12 years of run­ning this busi­ness, I have like any gar­dener, devel­oped a group of sig­na­ture peren­ni­als, which for me are best value for long sea­son of flow­er­ing, ease of cul­ti­va­tion, ease of divi­sion or self seed­ing and actu­ally com­bone beau­ti­fully together.

Top 5

Aster Frikar­tii Monch
ver­bena Bonar­ien­sis
Hel­le­nium satins early
Anthemis tinc­tora EBux­ton
rud­bekia Fulgida goldstrum

oth­ers in contention

Sedum Spectablile autumn joy
Salvia Nemorosa May night
gera­nium John­sons blue

And last and not least…a filler annual guar­enteed to pro­vide wow fac­tor from its pure white blooms which if you dead­head reg­u­larly will flower from June to Sept the stun­ning Cos­mos Bip­in­na­tus sonata mix white…only 2′ but reli­able and a worth plant­ing en mass flow­ing throught the others.

also buy at least three of each of the top 5 buy­ing 5 works bet­ter, they will bed down flower well this year and apart from the ver­bena which will self seed if left, all will gain mass and be divid­able after only one or two years.if you want to see them in action have a look at somoe of my pho­tographs from Chantry Road and Rus­sell road jobs on the website..

Let me know how you get on. I love reciev­ing feedback!