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Too late to plant bulbs??

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Jon 1 Comment

Some­one asked me today about how late you can plant bulbs in the ground, and still get flow­ers in the spring.  A lit­tle depends on the con­di­tion of the bulb itself, is it firm and with­out mould? I have suc­cess­fully planted Tulips up to Mid Decem­ber, and Daf­fodil and Nar­cisi bulbs even as late as Jan­u­ary, but the best tip I can get is to get them in the ground as early as pos­si­ble, with some bone meal, and a rea­son­able well dug hole. This will enable the bulb to start its growth sub-teranneanly into good soil, full of nutri­ents, which will mean it is more likely to flower in future years. In the first year the Nurs­eries have given the bulb all it needs to flower well year one, it is the fol­low­ing years that a poorly planted bulb will strug­gle. J