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Farquhar Road, Edgbaston

We were approached by Mr and Mrs Horwich-Smith in 2003 to completely redesign and replant much of this large and dramatic space. Over the next 5 years we continued to develop the garden, extending the planting, improving vistas and building in new features such as raised beds for vegetable growing.

The biggest success here, apart from acieving year round interest, was to deliver a functional garden for our clients who had developed a real interest in growing their own. It was a real treat to follow the project through from its beginning to when we finally signed the project off in 2009.

"Jonathan designed and project managed a full garden refit back in 2003. With his ongoing help, enthusiasm and love of plants he has helped us to develop the garden, achieving colour and interest for long periods of the year. We are very happy with the work and his team were always polite and helpful."

Mr. and Mrs. Horwich-Smith