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Five months since the leaves were on the Trees..

Posted on: March 26th, 2013 by Jon No Comments


Its scarey when you look at it, from the end of Oct each year right up to  Mid April, our beloved decid­u­ous Trees, be they Oak, Ash,Lime or Chest­nuts , bare no leaves at all. I think as I have got older I have notice it more, but it is slightly depress­ing. Christ­mas comes in after the first 6 weeks to destract us, but when we fin­ish with  New Year and the kids are back at school, we have another 14 — 16 weeks where we see no tree growth, lit­tle grass growth and that is not ood for the soul.

As I write, we are in the grip of Win­ter still, with an unsea­sonal Artic blast, but it won’t last…warmer days are com­ing. First will be the Cherry blos­som, then the Chest­nuts unleash­ing their huge foliage and flow­ers almost overnight. Then we will be hap­pier right?


Try­ing tog­a­r­den in the snow fields is not much fun…but you have to say Sum­mer is comin (eventually!)