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Archive for December, 2011

Making the best of time off at Christmas!

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by Jon 1 Comment

I am sit­ting con­tem­plat­ing a few hours in my own gar­den today. Decem­ber 27th and a week before the Team is back to work, the Sun is out and a few Christ­mas pounds to shift! My project today is to clean the green­house out. I don’t try and keep it warm through heat­ing, but with the door closed, Peren­ni­als, pan­sies, cycla­men and vio­las can develop so much quicker in the rel­a­tive pro­tec­tion of a cool glass house.
The Chillis have finally given up the ghosts so it’s time for a thor­ough clear out. I might also sow some sweet peas, to steal an early march on the grow­ing sea­son.
I have to say, I always get excited when we get passed the longest day…

Frost tonight?

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by Jon 1 Comment

Not sure it will be well below freez­ing tonight, but it does bring to mind all those ten­der plants that need pro­tec­tion.  After last year dec­i­ma­tion of Cordy­lines and even the usu­ally hardy Phormium Tenax and Cookianum it does make you a lit­tle jumpy when Shi­fali tells us it may freeze.

Tomor­row I will go out and buy a roll of Hor­ti­cul­tural fleece to wrap my Ery­si­ums up, and the Tree Fern, at home here in Abbots Road, amaz­ingly didn’t suf­fer at all last year, even if it took longer than usu­all to show its pretty fronds in late April. Most things I plant now are tough enough to work through a win­ter and come out the other side, pro­fes­sion­ally it is now a mis­take, in my hum­ble opin­ion, to plant up with any­thing but a small pro­por­tion of ten­der shrubs.

Stay warm Jon